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Dear Scott & Barb,

I still have goose bumps from watching Duran and I recite our vows. It was like I was right there again. It was so clear and vivid! Thanks to all your hard work, personal touches, and attention to detail, we have memories to last a lifetime.

Our wedding video is unique from many others. The music clips that match exactly to what we are doing, black & white shots, special effects and recaps with voiceovers make it unlike anything that we have ever seen. People have told me that it is like watching a movie of a wedding on television. All little girls imagine their wedding day! They dream of having a love so beautiful it is worthy of being set to music, like in the movies. Now, I have that dream to treasure and show off to everyone.

Whenever people ask us if we had a videographer we tell them yes, and that you cannot do your wedding without one. You have captured moments that we can never have again and we are truly grateful. Pictures of the day are just not enough! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are truly talented people!

Tara and Duran
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