Choosing A Videographer
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Here are some important considerations when choosing a videographer:

  • Get good recommendations from family and friends, and ask for recent customer testimonials.
  • Talk to other wedding vendors (florists, caterers, church officiates) and read the latest wedding magazines and publications to learn more about wedding videography.
  • Always meet directly with potential videographers to discuss their offerings and your requirements. A good videographer should listen carefully and be able to incorporate your ideas creatively.
  • A videographer should be professional yet personable. If you find them pleasant, chances are so will your guests and other service providers.
  • When meeting with a videographer, make sure you have a chance to see a recent complete wedding video, or portions of a few recent wedding videos.
  • Ask about complete fixed-price video production packages, and about unique customizable services that may be available as options. Be open to suggestions, but don't buy what you don't need.
  • As important as price is, a videographer should not be chosen by cost alone. Personality, professionalism and past work samples can help you make your decision. No price is a good price if you are not happy with the finished product, but stay within your budget.
  • It is up to the videographer to know and understand his or her equipment, not you. Choose a videographer not by the camera they use, but by the way they use the camera. Keep in mind that any equipment, no matter how good it is, is only as good as the operator.
  • It is up to the videographer to know different styles of video production -- documentary, photojournalistic, artistic, classical -- and to be able to explain which is best for you, and why.
  • To keep up with the latest video styles and the latest equipment, good videographers participate in the activates of industry trade groups and professional development associations. Videographers should be able to demonstrate their participation in conferences, conventions, seminars, town meetings and trade show expositions.
On the special day, just relax and enjoy!

You've done your homework, and your videographer will use his or her professional skills and personal characteristics to ensure your day is documented with conscientiously and creatively!

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